Fisler School Career Day 2018 has ended
Fisler School Career Day 2018 - May 18, 2018
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Friday, May 18



Animation Artist L475% FULLPhilip Dimitriadis Artists & Art Instructors L6FULLJiyoun Chung & Anthony Caropino Author/Educator L7LIMITED SEATINGBeth Ellison Entertainer L2FULLClint Hufft Photographer N4FULLJerrick O'Connor Principal & Assistant Principal N275% FULLJulienne Lee & Cristina Centeno Professional Skateboarder & Motivational Speaker L3FULLRichard Jefferson Wedding Planner L5FULLStephanie Johnson Financial Advisor N6LIMITED SEATINGMonica Rangel Flight Attendant C3FULLAmy Lagera Writer - Marketing & Communications N8LIMITED SEATINGHai Truong Air Force Pilot N5FULLTyler Hammill Automotive Engineer/Forensic Investigator C8FULLPaul Petty Bankruptcy & Litigation Attorney N3LIMITED SEATINGAndrew Cho Detective/Police Officer N7FULLDetective Nick Baclit Los Angeles County Sheriff Lake PearceLIMITED SEATING& Firefighter Lawrence Kim • Deputy Young Ko • Deputy Dave Lee Personal Injury & Business Law Attorney C2LIMITED SEATINGChristy Thomasson Private Investigator Room I-1FULLRandall Alexander 3D Printing & Virtual Reality for Education E1FULLSunami Chun Aerospace Engineer L8FULLArt Pang Construction Management C7LIMITED SEATINGNancy Briseno-Rivera SpaceX Aerospace Production Leader C1FULLRudy Garcia Traffic Reporter & Radio Broadcaster N1LIMITED SEATINGNancy Moses Life/Business Coach, Author, & Motivational Speaker - SESSION #2 MANDATORY FOR GRADES 3-4!!! MPR75% FULLKim Somers Egelsee Clinical Informaticist C5LIMITED SEATINGEric Lee Family Medical Doctor C475% FULLLauren Tran